Tasty Treats


A couple of weeks ago I was approached by fitness and health company GymBeing, to create and photograph their latest range of  health products called Muscle Treats.

Muscle Treats are aimed at those who want to eat healthily but still want to be able to enjoy a sweet tasty treat without feeling guilty.

I spent two days mixing, shaking and snapping away.  And the best thing of all, was that I got to taste and munch as I went along!

I am really impressed. I couldn’t have expected anything better to be honest. – Gavin Townsend (Founder of GymBeing)




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Questions to ask your Wedding Photographer

Finding a photographer to capture your wedding day can be a daunting task.

We photographers are ten a penny and trying to find someone who will cater for your vision and your budget can be quite difficult. These days as soon as you type “wedding photographer” into search engines you are given 100’s of search results to choose from, and soon one website starts to blur into another as you spend hours clicking through and waiting for images to load.

Hopefully these questions and tips will help you make the search process and final decision a heck of a lot easier. It is by no means an exhaustive list of “what to ask” but from my experience these are some of the main points that come up during my meetings with clients.


  • What is their style of photography?
    Make sure this fits with what you both want. Your wedding photographs will be reminders of your special day and you want to be able to look at them with love and pride over the years to come.


  • Do they offer set packages, if so how many hours are included and would they be willing tailor the package to suit you?
    Most photographers offer a few set packages and couples have to pick the one that is the closest to suiting them and their budget. I believe wedding photographers should be willing to tailor their offerings to individual clients as every wedding is different and every couple unique.


  • Do they work from a shot list and can we provide a list of photographs ourselves?
    Every wedding photographer will have a list in their head of the basic shots that they will take on any wedding day. Give them a list of any photographs and combinations of guests that you want photographs of, ensuring that they don’t miss anyone out.


  • How many images will be taken at our wedding and how many will we receive?
    Dependant on how many hours the photographer is with you on your special day, they could take anywhere between 1000 and 1500 images. You won’t get all these images as the best ones will be picked and edited (typically between 150 and 500 images). Set packages will tell you how many images you will receive.
    I don’t offer set packages and therefore I do not dictate how many images a couple will receive. I believe that even if it takes me longer to edit them that they will receive all the good images that I take on their wedding day. This means that for a whole days photography they could receive anywhere up to 800 images.


  • Do they have a limit on the amount of images that they edit and how do they edit them?
    The answer to the first part of the question should be NO!
    Many photographers will use bulk editing methods, which are easy to use and save a lot of time. Although these work well and allow for uniformed photographs; I prefer to individually edit each photo and give them the care and attention they deserve.


  • How long until we receive our images?
    You don’t want to be waiting months and months. All my clients receive their photographs in time for their first months wedding anniversary.


  • What format will they come in and is an album included?
    Always double check this with your photographer. You want to be able to easily access your photographs and download them to your own personal devices for your own use.
    If you have chosen a package from a photographer that includes an album, double check the amount of photographs that will be in the album and if you get to choose the photographs yourselves.


  • What restrictions are on their on the images and their use.
    Many photographers will watermark and have you choose a certain number of photographs. If you then wanted more or full use of the photographs, they will charge you extra per image.
    I don’t do this. I believe that as you are paying me to photograph and capture one of the most important and special days of your life, you are entitled to all the good photographs that I take. I do not watermark images and you are free to use them as you like.


  • How many weddings will they attend on our wedding day?
    Weddings are a lucrative business and some wedding photographers will try and squeeze a couple in on the day, especially in peak wedding season.
    I will only accept one wedding booking per date.


  • How much time should we set aside for our main photographs on the day?
    No less than 40 minutes. It is amazing how quickly the time flies by. Before you know it you will be sitting down for your meal or having your first dance and you will wonder where the day has gone.
    I have shot weddings where the bride and groom have had certain photographic requests and a list of photographs that they wanted but we were hampered by time as they had not set enough time aside.


  • When is the best time to have photographs taken?
    Depending on the order of the day and the ceremony time the normal thing for photographers is to take the bulk of the main and group shots immediately after the ceremony, before any meal or speeches, when all the guests are together in one place.


  • In the peak summer months if this is in the middle of the day the light can be quite harsh. If you wanted softer, more romantic shots of yourselves, it is always worth setting a little time aside later in the afternoon / early evening where the two of you and your photographer can slip away from your guests for a short while and capture the lovely romantic shots.


  • Do they visit a venue beforehand?
    The answer to this question should be YES!
    Any good photographer will familiarise themselves with their shooting location beforehand and speak to the venue to see where they can / can’t shoot and ask simple questions like “where can we have the confetti train” or indeed “are we permitted to throw confetti”.


  • Do they offer a pre-shoot or engagement shoot?
    This is a great way to familiarise yourselves with the photographer and their style of shooting. It gives you the opportunity to try different poses and practise ones that you like before the big day.


  • Do we have to pay a deposit to book their services?
    This is always typically YES!


  • How long will they keep our images for?
    Many photographers will keep images for a fixed amount of time then contact the couples asking if they would like to buy them before they are deleted. This can send some couples into panic mode and they will spend exorbitant sums of money buying images that they really should have had in the first place.
    I do not set a time limit on how long I keep images for. If anything untoward did happen to your original copies I would send you replacement disks with your images on, free of charge


The list of questions that you can ask your photographer is endless and I could go on and on, but it can get rather boring. My best advice is to have a darn good chat to any prospective photographers. You should like their style of photography, their work ethos and them as a person. After-all, they are going to be spending a lot of time with you and your guests on your wedding day and you want someone that is friendly, outgoing and will put you and your guests at ease in front of the camera.


If you have any questions of would like me to add to this list I would love you to contact me.




The Telford Hotel

Let me start off by saying that Valentines Day 2015 is one that I will never forget.

I will remember a day that was full of love, laughter, a gorgeous bride, a handsome groom and one of the coolest wedding themes that I’ve seen.

Becky and John chose the Telford Hotel and Golf Resort as their wedding venue, which has sweeping views across the historic Iron Bridge and the days theme was ‘Bond, James Bond’.

So much thought was put into this wedding. I loved the giant martini glasses for centre-pieces, the little bottles of bubbles given to each guest to blow as the bride and groom walked down the isle as husband and wife for the first time, and of course the bond themed wedding cake!

Becky’s dress made a statement with its gorgeous red train, which was the perfect colour for the date. John was pure secret agent sophistication with his all black tux, patent leather shoes (check out the photo), which all set Becky and her dress off perfectly.

Thank you for making our day special. It was better than imagined. You were brilliant, especially with the crowd. Thank you – Mr and Mrs Bate xx




I always welcome feedback so please feel free to comment and let me know what you think of my work.

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Dorridge Church and Hogarths Hotel

It may have been a  tad chilly (2 degrees) and a little wet on the January day when Kirstin and Edward had their wedding blessing. However, that didn’t matter as the atmosphere was so joyful and warm as friends and family came together to celebrate.

Edward and Kirstin live in and were married in South Africa in 2014. This blessing and day was a wonderful way for those that couldn’t make it to their SA wedding to celebrate Edward and Kirstin’s love and commitment to each other.

Edwards mum Jane, contacted me and booked my services in November after I was recommended to her by guests that had attended Maria and Gary’s wedding blessing earlier in the year. She sent me this lovely feedback …

It was such a lovely surprise to receive the beautiful presentation case with CD of the photos you took for Ed and Kirst’s wedding blessing on 3rd January – something to treasure forever. The photos are really lovely and I wanted to thank you for the time and detail you put into them. It is very much appreciated.
P. S we love the photo of Kirst and her mum taking a selfie on your website.
Wishing you continued success for the future


I always welcome feedback so please feel free to comment and let me know what you think of my work.

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Wethele Manor

I have never seen a bride smile so much and so wide as Dana did all day.

Dana and Pete’s special day was all about their family and amazing friends, who were there to celebrate with them and have a stonking good time doing so!

With children laughing and running around, bouncy castles on the lawn for both the little kiddies and the big kids (adults), there was an abundance of photos and moments to capture. I had such a hard time picking my favourites to include in this blog.

When Dana and Pete received their photos they sent me this wonderful feedback:

We have had the pictures printed and put them into lovely folders. We are having trouble picking ones for our wall, as they are all gorgeous, we might end up using them all, it will end up as shrine lol.

I have shown all the family the photos and they love them as much as we do. I knew from the moment we met you, that you would meet our expectations and capture our lovely day.
So a big massive thank you and we will be highly recommending you xx – Dana & Pete


I always welcome feedback so please feel free to comment and let me know what you think of my work.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.


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