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A few months ago a friend of mine approached me and asked if I would consider doing a pregnancy shoot for her sister and brother in-law as they were expecting their first child.

She didn’t have to aske me twice and I literally jumped at the chance!

Once considered a very “American” thing to do, pregnancy shoots are becoming increasingly popular over here in the UK. Soon-to-be parents want to capture the joy and beauty that they are experiencing, and what better way to do this than with photographs.

Months later (and one to go) on a rainy Sunday afternoon we did the shoot and had so much fun. We laughed so much and had such a good time that I just had to share a few photos with you.

Lilly is going to be one very loved little girl!





A photo is worth a thousand words


I am in the middle of silly season at the moment. If I am not photographing a wedding I am sitting in my office editing images.

I do love my work though (if you can even call it work). One thing I always forget or should I be honest and say “put off”, is …. blogging.

I always have so much to say and so much going on in my head but when I sit down and try and share it online, I draw a complete blank and then invariably I start chatting to my mum or friends on certain social media sites that are best not mentioned (feel free to like my Facebook page at this point).

So I thought I would just let my photos speak for themselves…..

Right now I am busy working Grace and Rob’s wedding photos from last week, and I thought I’d share a few that I’ve done so far – I have their permission of course.

What do you think?



Leap of Faith


A little over 8 months ago I was sitting in my broom cupboard (office) looking at forecasting figures for the year ahead when I looked up, looked around at my lime green office walls, the flickering fluorescent tube light above my head, picked up my handbag and of course, my lunch and walked out.

I never went back.

I used to be a Marketing Manager, trying to live up to the corporate expectations and live a life that I always knew just wasn’t for me. Like so many people, I was in a rut and I hated my job. Sunday nights felt like I was going to face a firing squad the next day. Every morning was a struggle to get out of bed and put on a mask of positivity, efficiency and corporate confidence.

I was doing something that did not make me happy!

I have always had a love for the arts, I paint, sketch, craft and most importantly I take photographs. I am a qualified photographer and for years my photography has taken second stage. I have been busy rectifying this.

My plan is simply this. To do what I love until I draw my last breath.

I want to wake up every morning looking forward to what the day has to offer me. I don’t want to post “I hate Monday” quotes on my Facebook wall and wish it was nearly Friday when it is only Tuesday. I made the decision to stop wishing my life away.

This is my blog, my diary and my vent. I want to share with you my successes, struggles, moments of madness and always positivity that good things will come.

Stick with me, it’s going to be one heck of a ride!!

Inspire Me..


Sitting here in my office, sipping my morning coffee, my eyes flick over the piles of paperwork, bills, flyers and goodness knows what else I’ve haphazardly stacked in random piles (I’m not the tidiest person in the world). I am looking for inspiration.

I want to be artistic today, I want to produce an image that is both creative and striking, one that people will not just flick their eyes over casually and move on from. I want to create a pause….for them to stop for a moment, and study the art that I have created.

The problem is though, this coffee is damn good and I am not feeling particularly inspired to uncurl from my plush office chair and move.

It’s tempting to just rework an older piece, but that’s cheating and I want to do something fresh and new. Something I haven’t done before.

Anyone who is trying to make a living from something that they create is constantly looking for inspiration and ideas that we can shape to suit our own personal style and needs. We all view the world in our own individual, unique way and what inspires us is completely different.

Street artists such as Banksy want to convey a message; they may take their inspiration from political and environmental issues that they feel strongly about. A potter, working in a little village will look at the world and nature around them and use that as their inspiration and a photographer …. well, that is the million dollar question!

Where do I draw my inspiration from? For me it’s simple yet vast – life! I take mental snapshots of places, people, situations and circumstances. I will squint my eyes, mentally crop and draw grid lines over a view, I will see a an old man sitting alone on a park bench and imagine the image in black and white, with a slight vignette.

My coffee is gone, my paperwork is still there and oh, wait I’ve just spotted the bin men emptying the rubbish bins outside….. No! That will not do! However, I have just seen my Bible poking out from my bookshelf – an idea is forming!

I have an apple in my fruit bowl, a beautifully red, shiny apple; you could call it a queen of apples. I also have an old apple tree branch that I trimmed off in a gardening frenzy last weekend. I know there is a rotting apple behind a plat pot that I was saving to throw at the next cat that I saw attempting to do its business in my garden.

This could be interesting. I have found my inspiration and I have an idea.

I will keep you posted.

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